We have all had a job where the motivation has been to complete the task faster than to perform the task as best as possible.

With a strong team, you will always feel safe when asking for help and will always be willing to help your colleague / friend when under pressure.

Specialister i harmoni

Team building is not just about training the community, but also about using our individual specialties in combination with our colleagues abilities.

In order to know your colleagues' strengths and weaknesses, it is really important to train the team with exercises that will help them to get to know each other in different situations.

Vi forstærker teams!

As a mentor at Outgro, it's our job to get to know your team even better than you do. Our mentors are trained in identifying teams and finding strengths and weaknesses in the team.

We help you explore each other's specialties through various exercises and also help you identify each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Our Team Building Mentors

Amanda Lee

Marketing specialist

Mike Stuart

Social Media influencer

Tommy Lee

Marketing Candidate

Mila Yong

CEO Marketing business

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