Business development


Vision formation, market research, competitor analysis, fund application, team drafting.

Preparing for the development of your business involves careful and detailed analysis of the current market situation in order to be a success.


Formation of a strategy and a plan for the execution of specific actions in relation to marketing, branding, organizational structure, financial strategy and potential partners.

Our mentors have a broad overview of all the things needed to plan for the development of your business.

A helping hand

Do you face difficult choices and need an extra , qualified opinion on how you should make the changes?

Our Mentors will base their solutions on your current problem, process and vision. Will give you specific suggestions for spreading your perspective on the given problem in order to achieve your goal as best as possible

Our business development mentors

Amanda Lee

Marketing specialist

Mike Stuart

Social Media influencer

Tommy Lee

Marketing Candidate

Mila Yong

CEO Marketing business

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