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Our mentors have competencies that cover all areas responsible for organizations' daily tasks. Their competencies will help your company and its employees explore new ideas that will push your business to the forefront of your industry.

Have a look for yourself at our many areas of expertise, and how can we provide a solution for your organizations' needs



Machine Learning(AI) - Machine learning algorithms responsible for Artificial intelligence

The future is bright for those who integrate AI in a meaningful way.


Business 2 Business is an important part of any value chain.

Let's take a look at your value chain and create new and better collaborations with partners.


Sustainability is not just about you and me, but about a future where we can all exist in a safe environment that does not overload the ecosystems of the earth.

What does sustainability mean to potential partners?


Biotechnology is a whole new bridge between humans and technology.

Elon Musk has invested in the development of technology integrated into human tissue. This may be the next evolution of the human body


Branding is not just about well-known brands and logos.

Branding includes every aspect of your interactions with customers, in order to provide the right feels before and after a purchase


Online sales have become far more mainstream and the number of E-commerce companies is constantly increasing.

Searching online is no longer enough. You will have to sell something unique that no one else has or provide a customer experience beyond what is expected.


Conference or concert events are gatherings of people for a given purpose.

So, how do you create an event that has minimal costs and at the same time creates the most value for your customers?


Having trouble seeing how your costs create value for the business?

Let our mentors analyze and evaluate the value of your business costs. We help you maximize the impact of your spending.

Business development

How have your competitors positioned themselves in the market?

Let's take a look at how you can get your business to a better position in the future


Do you know what the rules for hiring and firing in the American workplace are?

A breach of the rules can not only result in legal actions but will also cost lots of money. Make sure you stay informed.


Innovation is our specialty.

Do you have difficulties designing a system for your company's' unique tasks?


IT is far more than just the internet.

The larger the company, the greater the demands on IT systems across the company.

Find out if an IT Mentor is right for your business.


Are you a passionate person who has a great idea but doesn't know how to start a business?


How do your products / services differ? How clearly do you communicate this in all aspects of your business?

Let us provide you with the latest trends and share with you our marketing experience in America


Want to get in touch with politics and the details behind the methods of making changes in the country?

Project Management

Direction creates focus. Focus is the basis for meaningful work.

Are your employees targeted and do they understand the meaning behind their work?

Social media

Social media is not a trend.
SoMe creates trends.

Where does your target audience spend most of their time and how do they respond to your company's lookup?


How do you process your data?

See what all good entrepreneurs do. They test and look at the data to present an even better strategy for the next push.


A strong team does not build itself. If your team is to perform, then resources and time must be devoted to building internal bonds that make the relationship stronger.


Technology is developing rapidly and is touching more and more people on a daily basis.

The development of technology is fast
- how do you keep up?

Having trouble finding the solution to your problem?

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